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We Got on CNN with a Website Built in 2 Weeks

What the media saw in GoRemote was a product of that focused design and work ethic—to create with a clear goal, intentional development, and an empathic understanding of the end user or customer's needs.

My phone rang 2PM on a Monday while I was glued to another project. It was Victoria, my co-founder, and she was excited. She asked two questions:

  1. Are you dressed? (a unique work-from-home concern 😅)
  2. Are you ready to go live on national TV in an hour?

My initial reaction is bleeped out of this blog. Victoria explains CNN wants to run a story about GoRemote, the remote job website we recently launched. I pull myself together and we prepare for the CNN interview. From idea to first version, we built a website that caught media and user attention in 2 weeks. Since then, aside from CNN, GoRemote has been featured in the Manila Times, Manila Magazine, Women.PH, and more.

Part of building quickly meant GoRemote was also built efficiently, with a lot of heart, and with focus on its simple promise: an easy way to find a job.

Creating Value

Dorxata's approach to web design is simple: create value by solving problems. Identify a problem, and develop a way to fix it. With the seismic shift that is COVID-19, people are forced to choose between a living and their saftey. We felt remote work was part of the answer. The question and problem we were trying to address was simple at its heart.

What's the quickest path from 'no remote work' to 'yes remote work'?
GoRemote's Home Page

GoRemote was our answer. Guiding job seekers to job postings. That's it. Easy, simple, and clean. Each part of the website has a function and does what it needs to do, without being bogged down by a plethora of features and frills. GoRemote was built to be straightforward, and to put the job seeker first.

Simplicity as design

Aside from keeping the interface and look clean, we wanted to make sure the experience was also minimal and simple.

Users don't need to sign-up. They can connect directly with employers, with no interference from us. Companies already have career pages on their own websites, so we just help them amplify their reach without getting in the way.

Simplicity of use was a driving force behind our design. You're either on GoRemote to look for jobs, or to offer a job. Striking color draws attention to those two options.

Job listings on GoRemote

Upon landing on the site, you're presented with an option to search or to scroll. Once you start either action, the user has effectively begun browsing openings that display pertinent information—who's hiring, for what position, and in what capacity. The design is minimal, clean, and intuitive.

Dynamic Web Design

The working philosophy we carried during development was the belief that once you had a usable version available with all the defined requirements you start with, determining changes or additional features will be smoother. Any kinks in the build can be spotted ahead of time, and you can turn things around before you invest too much time and resources into a project.

We keep our process dynamic, and we work closely with clients to define their initial vision. At the same time, we stay light on our feet and show them that if they have thoughts about changes, we can communicate quickly to apply that.

Our team's solution-based work and adaptability makes Dorxata's development process dynamic, quick, and capable of turning around a polished project much faster.

A job posting on GoRemote
We also place great value on communication: the richer the dialogue between a client and the team, the stronger the end result.

What the media saw in GoRemote was a product of that focused design and work ethic—to create with a clear goal, intentional development, and an empathic understanding of the end user or customer's needs.  

If you're looking to work with a team that can do all this for you and more, consider Dorxata. Collaborate with us in taking your vision to new heights.

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