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What Makes a Functional Website?

One question we always start with is this: "what is the single most important objective of this website?" Everything boils down the to how you want your website to help your business. Every feature, page, and bit of information has to lead your visitors and users to this goal.

One question we always start with when we get started on a new web project is: what is the single most important objective of this website? Everything boils down to how you want your website to help your business. Every feature, page, and bit of information has to lead to somewhere — to what your metric for success is, whether it be widespread recognition, sales, or something else.

Your website must help bring you closer to your goals.
Otherwise it's just a pretty ornament.

List down what concrete goals you want your website to contribute to, and then it's the task of web designers to work with you and find actionable ways to integrate them into the functionality of the site. 

Create Better Leads

Very few things are more satisfying than a well-qualified lead. This can be achieved on your website by providing them access to information that's relevant to their needs. 

A website that flows well with well-placed content is a site that does its job. It should be structured in a way that helps direct your users towards the information that's relevant to them, and allows them to explore further if they desire. Features that CAN help your potential leads maximize your website include clear and clean navigation, interconnected pages, and an easy to understand interface. 

Increase in Sales

For e-commerce stores, good design can make a massive difference in sales. A website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly is a non-negotiable for many customers

Sales are easier to track as it's pure numbers. This is where automation shines — an automated system can take note of your monthly online sales numbers as your web designers continually improve your website's e-commerce functionality. An effective website will make shopping fun, easy, and thus make potential customers more likely to buy more.

Improved Customer Support

Customer service on your website, whether it's through email, live chat support, or a chatbot, can work wonders for customer satisfaction. A properly designed site can smooth out the kinks in your customer service pipeline and keep your customer base happy, satisfied, and feeling heard. 

The more accessible your business is, the more likely your customers will turn to you when they have problems. Good customer service can earn you a loyal customer. 

While you won't be doing the dirty work of designing your website, having clear goals and objectives will make sure the resources spent goes towards aspects of your site that coincide with your road to success. It's a long and difficult road, but one that can be achieved with the right tools, and the right plan.

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